About LOOK

LOOK is the brand name of oven bags and oven film manufactured by Terinex UK Ltd.

Terinex pioneered oven bags and roasting film in the 1960’s when we launched our first LOOK branded product – roasting film. Terinex continued to innovate and the range was quickly extended to oven bags and foil-edged roasting wrap.

Today Terinex are recognised as being the leading manufacturer and authority on all types of polyester oven bags and supply many of the world’s leading supermarkets, caterers, bakeries and food processors.

Terinex have achieved our market leading position by excelling in 4 key areas:

We recognise that the good name and reputation of both Terinex and our customers relies upon the end-user receiving a high quality product.

We believe that we manufacture the best quality oven bags in the world and achieve this by adhering to the strict independent and in-house test requirements.


ISO 9001 Quality Management  System

All Terinex products are manufactured under the internationally recognised Quality Management System  – ISO9001.  Registration to ISO 9001 by shows commitment to quality, customers, and a willingness to work towards improving efficiency. It demonstrates the existence of an effective quality management system that satisfies the rigours of a regular independent  audit.

BRC Consumer Product Accreditation
The BRC Consumer Product Accreditation is an independent accreditation provided by The British Retail Consortium (BRC). Certification to a BRC Standard demonstrates that products are manufactured and handled to a specified Standard to help ensure their safety and quality.
A key part of the standard is an annual, independent audit of Production & quality control.

Internal Quality Inspections

These independent quality assurances are also backed up by strict in-house quality checks.  Our in-house quality team inspect and test every order during manufacture to ensure that our quality standards are met for every order. 

During the 40+ years that Terinex have been supplying oven bags we have built up unrivalled manufacturing expertise along with the flexibility to deliver exactly what our customers require. In this time we have developed bags and film for all kinds of applications in what we believe is the most comprehensive  range of bags, sizes and configurations available. 


Our range includes:
  • huge range of bag sizes and configurations
  • Europe’s biggest selling oven bag brand – LOOK
  • Private label retail packs
  • Option to include recipe leaflets in retail packs
  • Retail envelopes or bulk bag packaging
  • Bags on wickets
  • Microperforated bags
  • Printed bags
  • Roasting film
  • Roasting film with a foil-edge
  • Flow wrap
  • And finally single folded bags for the latest trend in home cooking with seasoning/spice mixes

Of course quality is not just limited to the quality of the finished product. After all there is little point in having a great product if it is delivered late or incomplete. Terinex measure our success in delivering  quality products on-time and in full and track our OTIF (On-time-in-full) statistics daily. Our European base, manufacturing capacity and flexibility means that we can deliver world-wide even to the tightest deadlines.

Terinex started out as the pioneers of oven bags and this pioneering spirit lives on today. Terinex continue to develop and launch innovative products designed to make cooking easier and to make food taste even better.

If you have a specific requirement then we’re sure we can help.

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